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3D Modeling:
Vehicle Modeling
Character Modeling Sub/D
Hi-Res Sculpting
Architectural Design
Surfacing, Texturing, and Weight Mapping/ Skinning
Normal & Displacement Map Baking

3D Animation:
Character Rigging
Character Animation
Facial Animation
Motion Dynamics​

3D Scene Layout & FX:

Scene Composition
Lighting Setup
Volumetric & Environmental FX
Particle Dynamics

3D Cinematic/Short Film:
Full Cinematic Direction
Video Post Editing
3DAnimatics/ Compositing

3D Game Art/Assets:

Low/High Poly Modeling
Normal Mapping
Pre-Rendered Sprites
Character & Mechanical Unit Animation
Pre-Rendered Cinematic Cut Scenes

Level Editing​

Brent Alleyne,
Artist/3D Designer/ Director 


"Hi, I'm a 3D Designer and Art Director. I've had the pleasure of creating art for corporate event set design renders, interactive media, corporate training applications, game productions, military simulations, and 3D animated shorts. I also have a wide knowledge and experience in digital studio photography and image editing."


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My Services

© Brent Alleyne

Group Seminars &

Undergraduate & Graduate Level Instruction


​*3D for Broadcast Production

*3D Modeling & Animation

*Cinematic Production

*Sculpture for Animation
*Character and Object Design
*Senior Portfolio Preparation

*Game Character Modeling
*Game Texturing

*Game Animation

*Level Design







*Digital Image Editing & Retouching

*Video Editing and Composing



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